Privacy Policy
Dear visitors!

1. When subscribing to news from blog or applying to the administration of the Website, the Website will automatically request your name and e-mail address. The indicated information; e-mails of persons using the Website and/or sending their e-mails to the addresses indicated on the Website; automatically stored information about which webpages were browsed by the visitors to the Website; other information (including personal data) provided by the users – are stored on the Website for the purposes indicated in p. 3 of this Notice.

2. Information about Website users stored on the Website is used exclusively for the purpose of improving the means and methods of information provision on the Website, improvement of customer service, identification of the most visited webpages (interactive servides) of the Website, for visitor statistics, for mailing news and materials to interested users of the Website, and to answer questions asked of the administration of the Website.

3. Outside the scope described in p. 2 above, no information about the users of the Website can be disclosed or otherwise used. Only persons authorized under p. 2 of this Notice have access to the indicated information. These persons have been informed of their liability for accidental or intentional disclosure or unauthorized usage of such information.

4. Personal user information is stored and handled in compliance with the requirements of the Russian laws on personal data.

5. Any information which is derivative in relation to the information indicated in p. 2 of this Notice is provided for subsequent use (dissemination) in generalized form without indication of specific network (electronic) addresses or domain names of users (visitors) of the Website.

6. When clicking on a hyperlink published in the Website and transferring to other Internet sites, users leave this Website. The Website administration is not liable for the information (discrepancies, omissions, inaccuracies) of Internet resources of other organizations. Hyperlinks to other websites are provided for the users' convenience only and they do not mean that the administration of the Website approves or endorses the indicated Internet resources or is responsible for their content.

7. The Administration of the Website and the technology used on the Website do not require any information about documents, credit card numbers or any other such information.

8. The Administration of the Website is not liable for any use (both legal and illegal) of the information about the Website's users which is stored by the Website by third parties including any dissemination or reproduction of such information by third parties.

9. The Administration of the Website reserves the right to edit and update the text of this Notice at any time without announcing. Such modifications come into effect from the moment of posting on the Site.